4 Essential Tips For Out-of-State Moves

Moving to a new home represents a major transition—but the changes can be even trickier to traverse when moving to a new state. From hiring long distance movers to managing a new job, there are many important factors to consider. Keep the following items near the top of your to-do list to ensure an easy move.

Top 4 Considerations When Moving Out of State

1. Start Budgeting

From obtaining insurance and moving supplies to hiring long distance movers, you’ll need to account for many moving expenses. If moving for a new job, find out if your employer assists with these costs. Either way, you’ll need to budget so you can afford all the necessary services.

2. Research & Visit the Area

The more you know about your new city, the easier it will be to find a good place to live. When possible, try to visit in person to get a feel for different neighborhoods. At the very least, research schools and other amenities online.

3. Downsize

The fewer items you need to transport across state lines, the easier the moving process will be. Go through your possessions in advance so you can eliminate belongings you no longer want or need. Host a yard sale or donate excess items to charity.

4. Plan For Taxes

An out-of-state move will also impact your taxes. Be mindful of the fact that you will need to file partial-year returns for both states where you lived. However, long distance movers and other expenses are deductible for work-related moves.

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