Expert Packing Tips From Professional Movers

If you’ve never had to move before — or haven’t moved in a very long time — the thought of packing can leave you feeling uncertain and anxious. The easiest moving days happen after people have made and followed a detailed plan to pack their belongings. Before you grab some boxes and start tossing items inside, use these tips from professional movers to keep your move organized.

Expert Tips for Packing for Your Move

Don’t Use Just Any Packing Materials

It might be tempting to use crumpled up newspaper or plastic bags to pad your belongings when packing, but you could regret it when you unpack. The inks from newspapers and plastic bags can easily transfer onto clothes, plastics, and valuables. Instead, use packing paper or bubble wrap designed to keep your belongings as safe as possible.

Catalog Every Box

Organization is important to help you locate items after you’re in your new home. Label every box based on the room in which it belongs. Beyond that, catalog all the contents of the box, either by writing it on the side of the box or taking digital notes with your phone for easy review. If you can’t remember which box something is in but have a digital list on your phone or computer, you can easily use a search function to discover exactly which box to open.

Keep the Most Valuable and Useful Items With You

Professional movers will take great care with your belongings, but you may want your most essential items with you. This includes your birth certificate and vital documents, favorite jewelry, money, prescription medications, and collectibles. Carry a box or bag with toilet paper, cleaning supplies, your toothbrush and toothpaste, and bed linens for the first night so you don’t have to search for them after arrival.

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