Helpful Hints for Your Next Relocation

No matter where you’re moving to, perfecting your relocation strategy will make a world of difference in your overall experience. As any reliable moving company will tell you, settling into a new space means so much more than packing up and hauling all your possessions to the new property. Instead, it requires extensive planning and resourceful maneuvers to ensure your items arrive safely and are accessible immediately. Before you call the long-distance movers in your city, consider the following tips to make the transition easier on both ends.

3 Things Your Moving Company Wants You to Know About Easy Relocation

1. Prep

Before you put anything into a box, take some time to get organized. Each area is likely to have more content than you initially realize, so go through the house room by room, and take notes of the largest items and those that will require special accommodations during transportation. Make organized notes on what will fit into each box so that you can gauge how many boxes you need per room. This is also a great time to declutter your old property so that you don’t waste time packing unnecessary items.

2. Plan

Some of your belongings will fit perfectly into boxes while others require more hands-on attention. If you have anything that is exceptionally large, heavy, or oddly-shaped, talk to your moving company about making arrangements to move it from its current location. Heavy bed frames, pianos, glass tables, or large antique furniture will present the need for special dollies and carrying equipment, — or even additional movers.

3. Pack

When it comes time to pack up, start with the larger rooms. As you pack each box, create a label that has a list of the items inside so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily upon arrival. Remember to keep certain, daily-use items within reach — like clean clothes, toiletries, and cooking utensils. If you have any fragile, valuable, or antique items, ask your moving company about making special efforts — like insurance coverage or extra packing material — to ensure their safekeeping during the move.

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