Long-Term Storage Tips to Consider

When relocating to a new town or residence, it’s common for families to require long-term storage solutions during the transition. If you’re preparing to tuck your belongings away for a few months or longer, here are three critical storage tips to follow so your prized possessions remain safe.

3 Crucial Long-Term Storage Recommendations

1. Pack Strategically

While you may be able to take a few liberties for a cross-town move, long-term storage requires meticulous packing to avoid breaking fragile items. When packing up each room, use packing paper, bubble wrap, and even Styrofoam® popcorn so breakables are protected. Keep linens and other textiles together, and label each box clearly so you can quickly locate your items when it’s time to unpack. As the movers load boxes into the storage unit, request heavier ones be placed on the bottom of each stack.

2. Find a Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

Some of your possessions, like electronics or even wood furniture, may require a temperature-controlled environment to stay functional and remain in pristine condition. With this in mind, find a moving company and storage facility that provides climate control in their units.

3. Check on Your Belongings

While it’s natural to forget about your possessions when they are out of sight, establish a routine of checking on your storage unit. If you’re no longer in the area, recruit a friend or family member to perform this critical task for you and report back if there are any issues.

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