Moving to a New Climate?

Moving to a new climate can take a toll on your family, especially if they’re not sufficiently prepared for the change. As experienced long-distance movers, the professionals at Premier Moving & Storage in Columbia, MO, understand the challenge of this transition. They offer this guide to make it easier for clients to become acclimated to their new homes.

3 Tips to Help You Prepare for Moving to a New Climate

1. Purchase Cold Weather Gear

If you’ve been living in a warm-weather climate, there’s probably not a lot of cold weather gear hanging in your closet. Instead of picking up a few things before the move, long-distance movers suggest waiting until after you reach your destination to purchase winter items. The stores in these areas will have high-quality products that are perfectly suited for handling the cold conditions.

2. Properly Prepare Your Vehicle

Another thing to consider when moving to a colder climate is the road conditions. Ice and snow can wreak havoc on paved surfaces, which makes it difficult for the tires to maintain traction. Keep you and your loved ones safe by securing a set of snow tires and chains as soon as you settle in. These will allow the tires to grip the surface of the road and could reduce the possibility of sliding.

3. Install an Air Conditioner

For those moving to a warmer climate, purchasing an air conditioner is essential. The heat in these areas can become very intense and might leave the interior of your home feeling uncomfortably hot. Long-distance movers recommend getting a unit that’s sized for the structure so that you can ensure the proper amount of cool air is produced throughout the home without overworking the system.

Our locally-owned moving company has been helping clients transition and implement the latest moving techniques to provide the protection each item deserves. We’re recognized as the region’s only long-distance movers and boast a selection of the finest resources, knowledge, and logistics in the industry. Call (573) 474-6158 today to secure your free quote!

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