Why Rates Vary for Long-distance Trips

Relocating to another state or across the country requires detailed planning. After all, the experience typically entails uprooting a person’s entire life. What helps ease the transition is knowing how much a moving company will charge. Because there are several factors that determine the long-distance trip costs, the rates are likely to vary.

Why Long-distance Moving Rates Are Variable

Rate Quotes Are Temporary

When a person calls to ask the cost of a long-distance move, they will receive a price quote. However, the moving quote may not be the final price. Most companies may lock in the quote, but only temporarily. It’s best to ask how long the rate quote will be in effect.

Truck Availability

Another key factor is the availability of moving trucks. If few are available at the time of the move, the rate may fluctuate. There may be additional costs to transport moving trucks from other sources. When there is an abundance of vehicles available, the customer could get lower rates.

Time Of Year

The moving rate is also determined by the time of year. Many people make long-distance trips over the summer or winter holiday breaks. During these busy times, truck availability can be unpredictable. A moving company may have to adjust the rates based on demand and truck fleet.

Moving Schedule

Long-distance relocation requires time and planning. Waiting until the last minute to reserve a moving truck could be fruitless. Trucks may not be available, and moving company staff will likely need more time to secure a vehicle. To avoid this sc

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